Ultrarunner fighting Atrial Fibrilation (AF)

This blog has pretty much always been about running ultras, mostly Hardrock. It still is but now it is also about running with AF. I was forced to miss Hardrock in 2011 due to my AF but my long term goal was to get back to a level where I could enter the lottery for 2012. And hopefully help any other runners with AF who stumble upon this site. I never made it into Hardrock in 2012, or 2013, or 2014. I didn't have a qual for 2015. I ran Fatdog in Canada instead. That was tough. Now back to Hardrock.

The heart problems all started back on May 25: http://howmanysleeps.blogspot.com/2011/05/out-of-hardrock.html

Saturday, January 26, 2008

2008 plan

Well into 2008 and I don't really have a plan for the year (apart
from trying to beat Dog). The draw for Hardrock is on next weekend.
I'm not optimistic of getting in again but if I do that will shape my
year. I am already obsessing over it and trying to build my mileage
up slowly with a view to getting a solid base. I have entered
Maroondah 50(+) in 3 weeks but plan to run that conservatively. Six
foot is another 3 weeks after that. I would like to have a good dip
at 6', especially with the inevitable beer bet floated. Beyond that
things are sketchy. So a confirmation, either way, from the Hardrock
draw will help.

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Horrie said...

Just caught up with the fact that you are blogging a bit more regularly. Good luck with the Hardrock ballot and trying to beat Dog this year.