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This blog has pretty much always been about running ultras, mostly Hardrock. It still is but now it is also about running after AFib. I was forced to miss Hardrock in 2011 due to the onset of AF but my long term goal was to get back to running milers. And hopefully help any other runners with AF who stumble upon this site. I never made it into Hardrock in 2012, or 2013, or 2014. I didn't have a qualifier for 2015. I ran Fatdog in Canada instead. That was tough. I finished my 4th Hardrock in 2016 and now I'm back to try for the magical number 5.

If you want the history of my AF the heart problems all started back on May 25 2011: http://howmanysleeps.blogspot.com/2011/05/out-of-hardrock.html

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Perils of track

While out on my evening run I was pondering the recent 24hr track race
and puzzling how some of the regulars had had such bad runs. I was
thinking I shouldn't criticise as I haven't run one. Then I got to
thinking: how hard could it be? Maybe I could just do one so that I can
cast judgment from experience. And I was thinking how far could I go. I
was running effortlessly on the open grassy fairway of a golf course
under a full moon contemplating these possibilities when a sharp pain
jabbed me in the knee, almost collapsing my leg and me with it. I
stopped and walked. Damn track. Even just thinking about it is bad for
you. The trail gods were not happy. I reaffirmed my pledge to not run
track and gingerly started running again. My knee gradually came good.

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undercover brother said...

doing a track race is like having teeth pulled without a 'local'.